Chapter 3: Cravings – part 3

Shane wasn’t concerned about the handful of Triptych employees who saw him entering his head assistant’s quarters in the wee hours of the morning. Sleeping with an unmarried, politically unimportant coworker didn’t rate high on the rumor circuit.

He’d first propositioned Joon a year ago, three months after she’d transferred to the alpha facility. The young Korean woman had quickly proven her intellect and diligence in the lab. That and her demure manner had prompted Shane’s advance.

Joon waited for Shane look up from the binocular microscope. “Will there be anything else, Dr. Myers?”

Shane swept his gaze around the tidy lab. Everyone else had left for the evening. “Perhaps.” Joon blinked. He added, “Dinner.”

Her cheeks pinked. “Dinner?”

“If you like. Or we could skip straight to dessert.”

Joon’s eyes widened. “Dr. Myers, it wouldn’t be appro–”

Shane chuckled. “Appropriate? You’re in the big leagues now, Ri. Forget niceties. No one here cares what you do socially unless you’re interfering with their political agenda, and you’re too new to have done that yet.”

He reached out empathically to be sure he’d read Joon correctly. As he’d guessed, the girl was a knot of nerves tinged with arousal. “I’m not looking for a relationship, Joon. We could have a good time outside of work. If you don’t want to, say so. It won’t affect our working relationship.” By this point Joon should know that he meant every word. Shane didn’t play games with his employees. He’d found that his team was most efficient when they knew the rules.

Joon blushed prettily. “I’m flattered, Dr. Myers.”

Shane gave her a smile. She really shouldn’t be. There were other attractive young women with their wits about them. Joon was the most convenient. And if Ingrid hadn’t gotten remarried, Shane wouldn’t have approached Joon at all.

After a moment’s hesitation Joon grinned. “Um, yes. Where…?”

Shane nodded, pleased. “Your quarters. Eight o’clock?”

Joon bounced a little. “Yes. C-24.” Then her face fell. “It’s kind of a mess. I–”

“I don’t care,” Shane had shrugged, and he still didn’t. Especially not after that bitch Harris had toyed with him in the hallway.

The musky smell of sex announced that Joon had company before Shane flipped the lights on. She and a young Indian man he didn’t recognize awoke in her bed with a start. The kid’s initial anger turned to fear once he’d recognized Shane. Joon, however, broke into a grin.

“Leave,” Shane ordered. The young man leaped out of Joon’s bed, snatched up his clothes, and was out the door without looking back. Shane was especially pleased that no empathic push was required.

Joon swayed up to Shane, purring. “This is a surprise, Doct— Shane.” She pressed up against him. Although her breasts and hips were disappointingly small after Harris’ bounty, his body reacted to hers. Standing on her tiptoes she breathed against his lips, “What do you want?”

“Your body,” he replied, pressing his lips against hers.

Joon undressed him as his hands canvassed her backside. “It’s yours,” she whispered.

Soon they were tangled together on the bed. Although Joon was as attractive and compliant as always, the foreplay wasn’t satisfying. Joon noticed Shane’s waning interest. “What’s wrong?”

You, Shane thought, surprising himself. He sat up, pulling away from her. “I don’t know.” It was only a half-lie. What had Harris done to him?

Shane pondered the problem. Joon fawned over him as he thought, desperate to please. Her submissiveness was a double-edged sword. In many respects it made her an excellent lover. Sometimes, like now, it was trying.

Frustrated, Shane frowned at her. He was about to leave when she scooted closer, biting her lip. Shane stared for a moment, then smiled. Joon beamed from his improving mood. “Tell me what you want.”

“Lie down,” Shane ordered. He telekinetically summoned his silver prism from the pants pocket on the floor. Joon frowned curiously at the metallic object in his hand as she obeyed, but said nothing. “I’m going to do something to you,” he explained.

Joon shivered with anticipation. “Will it hurt?”

“Maybe.” It was an honest answer. He’d never tried this before. Although he had no qualms about testing on humans, he preferred to have consenting volunteers. The surge of lust from Joon was obvious agreement.

Shane mentally connected with the crystal and watched for Joon’s reaction. Her curiosity doubled, mingling with a touch of fear. Otherwise she lay quietly.

Satisfied, Shane focused on Joon’s lips. He funneled some of his energy to her body, prompting it to grow muscle and fat where he wanted. Joon gasped as her lips changed shape, but continued to lie still. Two minutes later her lips were as full as Harris’.

After the prism’s light dimmed, Joon sat up touching her fingertips to her lips. Shane smiled, pleased with his work despite the fact that her lips didn’t flatter Joon’s round face. Amazed and a bit anxious, she peered at her reflection in the mirror on the far wall. “How…?”

Shane shrugged. “One of my many talents.”

Joon licked her now-full lips. “Can you, um, undo this?”

“Yes.” Shane was 99% sure that he could.

Most of Joon’s apprehension faded away. She crawled over to him, smiling salaciously. (Is this better?) she thought at him, pressing her soft, full lips to his.

Shane closed his eyes and imagined she were Harris. A groan escaped him. Yes.

Joon’s hands and mouth roamed. Shane shivered as she nibbled down his neck. (It didn’t hurt,) she complained. (Only itched.)

Shane smirked, grateful for Joon’s kink. I can do more.

“God, yes,” she moaned, flopping back on the bed.

Shane ran his hands over her body, simultaneously pondering how to accomplish what he had in mind and how Joon could be possibly enjoy being so prone. He truly didn’t get the latter. Either she was supremely confident in her worth to him and Triptych or she trusted him implicitly. If solely the latter, she was a fool, and lucky that he wasn’t sadistic.

Again Shane connected with his prism, cupping one of Joon’s small breasts with his free hand. The touch carried her arousal. Pushing thoughts of Joon from his mind, Shane remembered the warm weight of Harris’ tit. Circling his thumb over her nipple, Shane directed lymph from her abdomen into her breasts. He felt her discomfort from stretching skin and pain from where she bit her lip to keep quiet.

Joon’s newly enlarged breasts jiggled as she gasped and twisted under his touch. “More,” she panted.

Once Shane imagined Harris lying prone on the bed begging it was easy for him to oblige. He made her belly swell to match the woman he wanted to screw but didn’t dare. Joon’s ecstasy from the pain/pleasure spilled over to Shane.

Tossing the dormant crystal aside, Shane straddled Joo— Harris, grasping her swollen breasts and abdomen. She whimpered and pulled him on top of her. Tongues danced and teeth nipped, distracting Shane from the shallowness of his partner’s mind.

Harris cried out when he thrust inside. Their combined pleasure overwhelmed her pain each time their bodies slammed together. “You want me, bitch,” Shane growled.

“Yes,” she panted.

“Say it!”

Harris’ body arched as she climaxed. “I want you!” Shane thrust deeper inside the whore and came.


Despite being sated, Shane couldn’t sleep. Joon, after a few minutes of giggling and sighing, was out cold, leaving Shane with her altered body. Without the blur of hormones it was impossible to pretend that the woman was Harris. He almost felt ashamed about what he’d done to Joon, but not quite. The kinky freak had enjoyed it, after all.

“How long will it last?” she’d asked sleepily, running her hands over her engorged belly and breasts.

With so much of them touching Shane could feel that both had already shrunk slightly. Her body was busy undoing the temporary changes he’d made. “A day, if I do nothing.”

Joon giggled. “Leave the breasts, okay?”

Chuckling, Shane fondled her tits. “Sure.”

Joon leaned into his touch and sighed. “You’ll make my lips and stomach the way they were before you go?”

The note of desperation in her voice prompted another surge of shame. It quickly morphed into anger at that bitch Harris. She’d made him do this. “Yes.” None of his resentment toward the mother of his son leaked into his voice.

“You’re amazing,” Joon murmured and slept.

Shane considered the not-pregnant woman curled around him. You’re not.

He fixed her as she’d asked and left.

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4 Responses to “Chapter 3: Cravings – part 3”

  1. Alexandra May 15, 2009 at 7:10 am #

    This was hilarious! What a great twist to a sex scene.

    • nancy May 17, 2009 at 9:41 am #

      Interesting. I wasn’t going for humor, but I’ll take it!

  2. anna July 24, 2009 at 3:10 pm #

    Most bizarre. I want one of those crystal things! I wonder how Addison would feel if she found out what Shane did. Amused, I guess.

    Oh and small typo: “she lie quietly” – I assume it should be past tense?

    • nancy July 24, 2009 at 5:09 pm #

      You know, I’m not sure what Addison would think. Addison is Vanessa’s character. My guess would be a weirded-out sense of victory.

      Thanks for catching the typo. I’m terrible with lie/lay. Will fix ASAP!

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