Chapter 4: Repercussions – part 2

Even before Daniel slapped her on the wrist in her own bloody office, Addison struggled with mortification. Maintaining her daily routine of cataloging artifacts, checking translations, and caring for Ashlynn hid the worst of it.

The hallway incident had supplied the Triptych rumor mill with fresh fodder. Many believed that Addison and Myers had been shagging secretly for months and the pregnancy had outed their relationship. Neither that nor the locker room “talk” Addison telepathically overheard bothered her. She cared little about others’ opinions, including Daniel’s. Her mortification stemmed from her utter loss of control with that wanker Myers.

For two weeks Addison avoided Myers and focused on her work. As long as her mind was occupied she was safe from the memory of his hands on her skin and the taste of his mouth. She supposed she’d either turned masochistic or had gone right barmy from pregnancy hormones. Masturbation provided release if she relived those few blistering minutes. That caveat irked Addison to no end.

Determined to break whatever hold that arrogant, sodding git had over her, Addison decided to explore other pastures. Fortunately she didn’t need to look any further than one of her assistants. Finn was young, intelligent, eager to please and had been nursing a crush on Addison since transferring to her team. He was both wary and intrigued by her psychic ability and apparently had a kink for pregnant women. Finn had been projecting ardor since she started to show.

In bed Finn was attentive and aggressive. He left their work relationship behind when she told him to do so, and had no fear of “leaking” his innermost thoughts. He needn’t have worried. Finn’s internal monologue consisted of all the things he wanted to do to her and his mistaken belief that he was playing with fire by screwing “Myers’ woman.”

Finn, Addison soon realized, was built remarkably like Myers. With the lights dimmed it was easy to overlook his red hair, blue eyes, and pale freckled skin.

If Myers’ name slipped past her lips, Finn never said a word.

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3 Responses to “Chapter 4: Repercussions – part 2”

  1. daymon June 18, 2009 at 4:28 pm #

    At least Addison has found someone to help her spend that energy.

  2. Katy June 26, 2009 at 8:35 am #

    Oh, thank Goddess – someone else that remembers the rule about apostrophes and ending “s” – that you don’t need to add ANOTHER “s” after the apostrophe if the word already ends in “s”! Thank you!!!! That’s one of my pet peeves!

    • nancy June 29, 2009 at 10:31 pm #

      You’re most welcome. :)

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