Chapter 4: Repercussions – part 3

“Dr. Myers?”

The hesitant female voice interrupted Shane’s thoughts. His fingers, which had been flying over the computer keyboard, froze as his temper flared. Although Shane quickly regained his alien calm, he’d heard his best assistant take a step back. He faced her with a mostly genuine smile. “Yes, Joon?”

The two weeks since Harris had the nerve to oh so dramatically inform him that she carried his son had been trying. For the first time since taking control of the Genetics department he was completely satisfied with his team. He wouldn’t allow his emotional turbulence to disturb that balance. Especially Joon. The lithe Korean was perfect: intelligent, diligent, creative, obedient, and discreet.

The latter was particularly important because of Joon’s masochistic kink. Although Shane had no doubt that many of his colleagues were into far more twisted play than anything he and Joon could dream up, he didn’t want to give his enemies any political ammunition. Shane was perfectly happy with his reputation as the ice-cold scientist who occasionally got his rocks off.

Joon held out a data pad. Complex equations glowed on the flat screen. “There’s an error here, sir.”

Shane frowned as the took the pad and skimmed the text. “Whose work is this?”

“Yours, sir.”

Shane blinked. Anger rippled through the emotionless void but didn’t break free. That was good, because he wanted his employees to be honest. Results were his focus, not egos. Reigning in a frustrated sigh, Shane smiled again at Joon. “Good work. This would have set us back weeks.”

Joon blushed prettily. “Thank you, sir.” (Will you punish me this evening, Shane?)

Shane’s body temperature rose a few degrees, further illustrating how off balance he was. Of course, he replied as he wrestled himself under control. I have something new in mind. Other than a brief quiver Joon hid her anticipation. Good girl. I’ll take care of this. Now get back to work. She left without another word.

Ten minutes after Joon left Shane closed the door to his office. His employees knew that he wasn’t to be disturbed unless there was a dire emergency. Leaning back in his leather chair, Shane reluctantly released his alien side. Tumultuous human emotions filled the void, which further fueled Shane’s frustration with himself. The fact that he had offspring shouldn’t affect him so, but it was. Now that it was affecting his work he forced himself to deal with it.

Shane sat motionlessly for the better part of an hour letting his mind wander. Initially he wanted to terminate the pregnancy. That was the cleanest, most efficient solution. But the political fallout would likely end his career, if not his life. Abortion was not an option.

Eventually Shane realized that he didn’t want to abort the fetus. That was truly puzzling. Why would he want to bring a competitor into the world? Between his intellect and healing ability he was Triptych’s prized geneticist. He was unique. Irreplacable. A son could threaten that. He’d be like Harris, but also like him…

Like me.

The thought was a thunderbolt. Shane had learned to relish his isolation, and refused to clone himself to insure his importance to Triptych. Unsurprisingly, Triptych had found a way around that roadblock. With his unwitting help they were creating Homo superior/alien hybrids. The child — children? — could be a threat.

Or a friend.

Shane tried to ignore the unbidden thought, but it was too late. He wanted his son to be born. He wanted someone else like him.

Now what? For the first time in years Shane was completely at a loss as to the next step. Harris. Deal with Harris. She was the proverbial mother wolf with her daughter. Shane had to stake his claim on his son while he could.

Only when Shane tried to focus on the silver crystal in his hand did he realize that he was tearing. Impatiently wiping his eyes dry, he gathered his alien calm and connected with the prism. Again strong and in control, Shane reached mentally for his son.

The unborn child was easy to find in the sea of minds, as was his mother. Harris recoiled when Shane brushed his son’s tiny, delicate mind with his own. He felt a resonance akin to his, as well as Harris’ taint. The bitch had already bonded with his son! Why couldn’t the woman be the incubator she was meant to be?

Shaking his head, Shane focused solely on his son. The child was a bundle of safety, security, and love. The latter surprised Shane. He surprised himself even more by returning it genuinely.

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5 Responses to “Chapter 4: Repercussions – part 3”

  1. laprincessatx May 26, 2009 at 12:25 pm #

    WOW, Shane actually has a heart!

    That was a rather fulfilling read. Thanks!

    • nancy May 26, 2009 at 6:59 pm #

      Thank you! :)

      Yeah, Shane keeps his heart under wraps. He’s like the Grinch, but not green and furry. Heh.

  2. Alexandra June 2, 2009 at 8:36 pm #

    Awww….I love that reaction, and especially the wording of the last paragraph. The evolution of Shane as a character is delicious and suspenseful–in a GOOD way.

    • nancy June 3, 2009 at 7:30 am #

      *blush* Thanks, Lexie!

  3. daymon June 18, 2009 at 4:34 pm #

    It is one thing to detach from others to the point of cold, it would be another thing to do that to your child. More so if you can share thoughts and feelings like Shane can.

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