Chapter 6: I’d Have Baked a Cake – part 4

Shane woke up in bed alone. If not for Harris’ scent on the sheets, he’d have thought it had been a dream. It was good that she’d left while he was asleep, Shane told himself, because the woman was dangerous. Pregnancy hormones were making her borderline pleasant, and that would soon come to a screeching halt.

The mystery of how Harris had gotten into his quarters remained. Shane got up, pulled on a pair of pajama pants, and retrieved his silver prism from its usual resting place in a dresser drawer. The crystal’s energy heightened his senses, helping him scan his quarters for bugs, cameras, or anything else that didn’t belong. He found nothing.

Reassured that his quarters were secure, Shane resumed his morning routine. While coffee brewed in the kitchen, he showered and shaved, then donned the shirt and slacks next in line in his closet. He made himself an omelet while sipping coffee. Normally he’d skim the daily news feed on his computer while eating, but today he reviewed the recording from the security camera outside his quarters. Several people had passed his door overnight. None were Harris.

Either she can teleport, Shane concluded, or Triptych’s up to something. Of the two he preferred the first explanation. The notion of the Brit bitch appearing whenever she wanted was disturbing, but at least it was just her. And, he reluctantly admitted, it was kind of cool.

In the lab Shane threw himself into his alien side and his work. Nevertheless thoughts of Harris and his son crept in. Jacob will be born soon, and… and then what? Infants needed to be fed, have their diapers changed, and all sorts of other regular maintenance. He didn’t have time for that. Could Harris care for his son and her daughter simultaneously? Had she hired a nanny? Shane made a mental note to ask. He’d make sure that Jacob had the best care possible.

In the blink of an eye it was 1 a.m. The late hour explained why Shane was nodding off in front of the microscope and no one else was in the lab. Resolving to go to the dojo tomorrow, he secured the lab and trudged back to his quarters.

Shane was pulling his shirt over his head as entered his bedroom when he smelled it. Her. Harris. He froze, listening, as his alien calm shattered. She drew even, sleep-slowed breaths. Grinning idiotically, Shane tugged off his shirt and stared at Harris’ form under the covers. Was this part of an elaborate plot? Had she teleported there accidentally again? Had Jacob demanded her return?

Hoping it was the latter, Shane turned on his heel and strode to the bathroom. Still marveling that Harris was in his bed, he brushed his teeth, then started the shower. Normally he showered in the morning, but tonight he needed to jerk off. There was no way he’d be able to control himself for a second night. Thoughts of a third night, and a fourth, and more than sleeping made him come in record time.

Tired and giddy-nervous, Shane slipped between the covers and next to Harris. He reached mentally for Jacob first, then to Harris to not startle her. The pulse of welcome and contentment from Jacob was delightful but expected. That from Harris was startling. Shane wiped the pathetic smile from his face. They were doing this for Jacob. Any other reason was truly insane.

Again Shane curled up behind Harris’ wonderfully soft body and laid one hand on her belly. She sighed in her sleep, and Jacob radiated love and security. Feeling more at peace than he had… ever, Shane drifted to sleep.


Addison slowly surfaced from the depths of sleep. Jacob was happy and snug, and Myers was content–

Myers. She snapped awake. He was curled up behind her sound asleep, his hand resting on her swollen abdomen. She shifted, and his arm tightened around her.

He hadn’t been there when she’d fallen asleep. Myers had deliberately crawled into bed with her. The notion filled her with warmth, of all things. It must be from Jacob. The sprog pulsed contentment.

Since she and her son had rested, there was no reason to stay in Myers’ quarters. Addison slipped out of bed and teleported away.

Going through the motions wasn’t as hard the second time around. The only difference was getting Finn out of her hair. He caught Addison alone in her office. Although his flirtations were as sincere and enticing as usual, Addison wasn’t interested. Both of them were confused; a few weeks ago they’d been locked in her office shagging on the desk. Nevertheless, she didn’t have the time or patience for Finn’s pouting. Addison sent him to the basement archives to check the cataloging of the Taupee artifacts.

Addison’s composure was interrupted briefly during lunch. She was headed for the commissary salad bar when she nearly collided with Myers.

For a long moment neither spoke. Addison managed a cool, “Myers.”

“Harris,” he returned. Then they hurried in opposite directions.

That night Ashlynn awoke crying from a nightmare and crawled into Addison’s bed. As she soothed her daughter, Addison knew she wouldn’t be going anywhere for a while. The thought was simultaneously relieving and disappointing. The latter prompted her to think about what her jaunts to Myers’ were really about. It wasn’t just about Jacob, she realized. It was the thrill of playing with fire. With Myers she was vulnerable. She was open to anything he might try to do, and it gave her a bit of a rush.

Once Ashlynn had drifted off to sleep, Addison woke up Svetlana to inform her that she was going out. With her daughter in the nanny’s care, Addison teleported to Myers’ bedroom. Heart pounding, she wondered what her reception would be.

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3 Responses to “Chapter 6: I’d Have Baked a Cake – part 4”

  1. daymon July 7, 2009 at 2:37 pm #

    Well now, looks like things have been interesting for both of them. At least Myers isn’t going to react to badly to her teleporting. Better that than the company messing with you any day.

    Now will he be awake or not when she gets there.

  2. Eonknight July 7, 2009 at 3:36 pm #


    Two things:
    Fourth paragraph: “was it was kind of cool”… one “was” too many?

    Second last paragraph: “Addison knew wouldn’t…” missing a “she”?

    • nancy July 7, 2009 at 5:22 pm #


      Thanks for catching those! You’re the unofficial SLB copy editor. :)

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