Chapter 11: The Parent Trap – part 9

Lynn and Jake escaped shortly after dinner, but not before Lynn pointed out that because she and Jake prepared dinner, it was only fair that Addison and Shane clean up. Unable to counter that logic, the kids were dismissed and Addison and Shane got to work.
She and Shane silently cleared the table and put the leftovers away. Neither acknowledged the giddy nervousness conveyed by the bracelets. They had been together more times than Addison could count, yet this evening was like a first date. The walls between them had been swept away, taking the bickering and dislike with them. They were coming to one another in a way that Addison had wanted for a very long time.

Me too. Shane wrapped his arms around her from behind as she straightened from placing the lasagna pan in the dishwasher. He pulled her flush against him, his hands on her hips. When he buried his face in her hair, Addison shivered and gave a small moan.
We’re not finished here yet. Despite her protest, Addison leaned into Shane. Her eyes fluttered closed briefly and she sighed. She wondered again why she’d been fighting this for so long. Being touched and held like this – when it was more than a grab and shag – felt damn good.
Shane’s lips brushed her temple, then swept down to catch her ear. He whispered, “Don’t worry. There’ll be shagging.”
“I wasn’t worried.” Addison blushed as her voice hitched. Then Shane’s mouth teased the sensitive spot beneath her ear. Gasping, Addison spun out of his arms and backed away. If he touched her again, they’d never finish cleaning. They might not even make it out of the kitchen. The thought filled her with ardor and a childlike eagerness. Mustering her remaining willpower, she told him, Finish cleaning up. Only those plates and a few bits of flatware left. I’ll meet you in the bedroom.
Shane pouted. Why do I–
Be a good boy and finish cleaning up and I promise it will be worth your while. Before he could argue she teleported to his bedroom.
That’s not fair.
Punish me later, Addison tossed back. The images that Shane sent in return nearly made her knees buckle.
After taking a moment to get herself under control, Addison went to her overnight bag she’d asked Ashlynn to bring. Although she could teleport to her quarters to get the garment she had in mind, she had a sneaking suspicion that her daughter had taken the initiative. The red silk gown she found on top of the neatly folded clothing was confirmation.
Chuckling, Addison pulled the crimson fabric free. I’m surprised that she and Jake didn’t set up mood music, light candles, and leave a bottle of… She glanced at Shane’s dresser. A bottle of red wine and two glasses sat on a tray in front of the mirror. Wretched little demons, she thought affectionately.
What did they do now?
Addison kicked off her shoes and began shedding her clothes. You’ll see.


Shane finished loading the dishwasher in record time.  He was about to lope to the bedroom when an idea came to him.  It required a brief detour to the bathroom, then he was on his way.
He lingered in the doorway to his bedroom etching the moment into his memory.  Addison lay on his bed in a curve-hugging red dress. The sight was more than enough to arouse him.  The ardor and affection carried by the bracelets made him giddy.
Addison’s sultry smile grew curious.  What’s that?  She nodded at his right hand.
Shane had to look at the item to remind himself.  Massage oil, he grinned back.
Lust surged from Addison.  What are you waiting for?  Get over here!  Shane obeyed with a laugh.
They took their time undressing each other, teasing and laughing between kisses.  Addison remarked, “The hellions delivered some wine for us.”
Shane followed her gaze to the bottle and pair of glasses on the dresser.  Chuckling, he replied, “How thoughtful of them.”  He drew the items to them telekinetically, handing one of the glasses to Addison.  “They’re enjoying this almost as much as we are,” he commented as he poured the wine.
Addison loosed her libidinous chuckle.  Not even close.
Devouring Addison with his eyes, Shane mustered his self-restraint to not jump her then and there.  Instead he took a few sips of wine from his glass, then returned it and the bottle to the dresser.  He snatched up the bottle of oil.  Uncapping it released its slightly sweet, musky scent.  “Sit with your back to me,” Shane said, pitching his voice the way that made Addison shiver.  It was strange, if not unpleasant, to feel her reaction through the bracelets.
Addison scooted over.  After slicking his hands with a liberal amount of oil he rubbed, kneaded, and knuckled Addison’s neck, back, and shoulders.  She moaned and purred in appreciation.  Soon Shane was echoing her sighs since the bracelets somehow amplified everything he felt from her already divine body. 
Before long Addison set her wine glass on the dresser.  She seemed to melt under his hands, growing hotter and wetter by the minute. 
By the time he’d finished her legs and feet they were both aching.  Shane dragged his body up her oil-slicked one, savoring every sensation.  Mouths met and tongues dance.  He shifted to push into her, but she wiggled out from beneath him.  “What?” he gasped.
Lust burned in Addison’s dark eyes.  “On your back,” she growled.  Shane gladly complied.  He was disappointed when she pulled the massage oil bottle to her hand. 
Once the delicious torture of the massage began disappointment evaporated.


Though she wanted Shane inside her more than she’d wanted anything in a long, long time, Addison took her time, relearning every muscle and sinew of Shane’s body. The massage was sensual and erotic, and not just because of the enjoyment she derived from pleasuring Shane. The copper bands amplified every touch, wiggle, and playful kiss.
Eventually the touching and closeness became overpowering. Trembling and panting, Addison dragged her body up Shane’s. Her mouth captured his as their minds entwined. Do you want me? She raked her hands lightly down his chest and straddled him. They released stereo gasps from pleasure bordering on pain.
Shane bucked beneath her. Jesus, yes! You have to ask?
Addison barely recognized the smoky laugh as her own. She wiggled against him a few times more before finally settling on him. Pleasure and ardor and lust poured between them. Moaning, she said, Then have me.


“Mine,” Shane growled as he thrust deeper. 
Addison gasped, then loosed her sultry laugh as she lifted her hips slightly.  “Yours,” she purred back.  “And I won’t let you go again.”
Shane opened his mouth to reply, but all that came out was a moan from Addison grinding against him.  “Yours,” he managed before his mouth found hers, making speech impossible.  It was already unnecessary.
The bracelets and their oil-slicked bodies quickly pushed them to climax.  For a breathless moment everything was clear and simple.  They stared into each other’s souls, seeing both the darkness and the light.  Alone the darkness would consume them, but together they brightened each other.  Together they were stronger.
Together they were laying on the dining table, Shane realized some time later.  The cold glass against his left side was a stark contrast to Addison’s slippery warmth.  As she stirred in his arms, Shane squinted around to get his bearings.  The simulated early morning light reflected off of the smooth glass, making their oily smears stand out.  One particularly strange set of smudges caught his attention. 

Tell her you love her.

“Shane,” Addison sighed as she struggled awake.
He stared at the strange message wondering who could have gotten in and written it.  Then it hit him: it was his handwriting.
Addison snuggled closer to him.  What’s the matter?  Despite her drowsiness, her affection was obvious.
Shane felt the smile spread across his face. 

What? Addison asked again, now almost fully awake.
Shane waited for her eyes to open and focus.  Aloud and telepathically he said what he’d refused to admit for far too long.  “I love you.”


Shane’s words took her breath away. His dark eyes held his heart, and the bracelets made his emotions almost painfully clear. The warm wetness streaking down her cheeks told Addison she was tearing. She reached out a hand, cupping his cheek in her palm. She attempted to speak, but the only sound that came out was a squeak. Her giddy laughter bubbled up and Addison tried again. “I love you too.” Saying the words lifted a weight from her shoulders. The admission was long overdue.

Shane’s love filled her as he hugged her close, chuckling softly. Still tearing, Addison clung to him. I think I’ve– She drew back to look into his eyes. Twelve years of memories, denial, longing, and hurt came back. I never stopped loving you.


Addison’s tears and emotions mirrored Shane’s.  Me, neither, he agreed, half-laughing and half-crying with her. 
It’s about time.  Jake’s thought was laced with love.  From the way Addison smiled Shane knew that Jake had spoken to her, too.
Isn’t it past your bedtime, kiddo? Shane shot back affectionately, broadcasting to Addison as well. 
Jake’s, Lynn’s, and Addison’s amusement coursed through him.  This is a special occasion, Lynn added.
That it is, Addison agreed.  Still chuckling, she tried to push herself up to a sitting position on the glass tabletop but slipped from the massage oil.  Shane caught her head before it connected with the table.  Addison’s brilliant smile was more than enough of a thank you. Then her eyes went wide.  Blimey! We’re on the table!
Lynn’s and Jake’s laughter came through loud and clear.  Kinky, they said in unison.
Shane pushed aside a pang of embarrassment.  All the more reason for you two to stop being nosy and go to sleep.  Addison agreed empathically. 
After the requisite grumbling, the brats acquiesced and said good night again.  Try to get some sleep, Jake quipped.
Grinning, Shane gave him the empathic equivalent of a slap on the wrist.  Yes, son.  Then on impulse he asked Jake only, You’ve known that your mother and I are in love all of this time, haven’t you?
Another surge of love swelled from his son.  Yes.  You’ve both been too stubborn to see it.  Lynn and I had to do something.
Jake’s statement nagged at Shane, but he put the notion aside for now.  He was as ready for another round as Addison was.  Good night, Jake.
Night, Dad.  His and Lynn’s mental presences withdrew, leaving Shane and Addison alone again. 
How the bloody hell did we wind up here? Addison laughed.
“No idea,” Shane chuckled as he pulled Addison closer.  But you know what would be hot?
Addison grinned lasciviously.  What?
If you teleported us to the shower.
Everything after the flash of light was a blur of pleasure.

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  1. Heidi March 16, 2010 at 9:05 am #

    D’awwww. That’s so awesome. Love it and I totally love them. That they FINALLY said their ‘I love you’s is awesome too.

    Brilliant and deliciously well written, ladies.

    • nancy March 16, 2010 at 10:04 am #

      Hooray! I was concerned it would be too sappy. Thanks for your comment. 😀

      • Heidi March 17, 2010 at 10:22 am #

        It’s the right amount of sappy, really. Especially after 12 years of being horrible to one another. I think a little bit o’ sap can’t hurt. ^.^

  2. daymon March 16, 2010 at 11:32 am #

    Well at least the imps didn’t do the mood lighting and music, I think Addison would have had choice words with them.

    They must have been popping around the place for a while befor they ended up on the table. Kinky indeed.

    • nancy March 17, 2010 at 10:42 am #

      *eyebrow waggle* 😀

  3. Alexandra March 23, 2010 at 7:24 am #

    No, it was perfectly done! FINALLY.

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