Chapter 12: The Morning After – part 3

Editor’s note: This post is in no way safe for work. 100% NSFW.

Addison wrenched her attention away from her lover long enough to make sure they’d appeared where she’d intended. The rosewood cabinets and granite countertops marked the kitchen as hers. Close enough, she thought, grabbing a fistful of Shane’s shirt and pulling him close. They moaned despite the layers of clothing between them, their mouths crushed together in an effort to devour one another completely.
Shane’s hands slid down her back and hiked up her skirt. Addison quickly gave up with the buttons of his dress shirt, opting to tear it open instead. Addison’s blouse suffered the same fate. They laughed between kisses as buttons bounced off the terra cotta floor. Skin contacted skin, with the bracelets amplifying every touch.

Dropping to his knees, Shane gathered her breasts in his hands. His hands kneaded while he teased one nipple with his tongue, then the other. Purring, Addison leaned against the counter for support. She was glad she had when Shane’s mouth started working its way down her abdomen. The feel of his breath between her legs made her knees weak. Chuckling, he stood long enough to set her on the edge of the counter. She threw her head back and wrapped her legs around his shoulders as he nudged her to climax.

After she’d caught her breath Addison pushed herself upright, pulling her lover’s head up to hers. Their mouths met again and she tasted herself on his lips, on his tongue. My turn, she told him, sliding her naked body down his, shivering from the contact and his arousal. Kneeling, she gave him a salacious grin from beneath her eyelashes before taking him in her mouth.


Addison took her time drawing her head back.  With her lips, teeth, and tongue setting him on fire, the kitchen counter was the only thing keeping him on his feet.  The sight of her pondering how she’d torture him next was nearly as erotic as her touch.
The minx pursed her lips, then blew across him.  A guttural cry escaped Shane as his knees buckled.  He slumped on top of Addison, who laughed as they tumbled to the ground.  “Christ,” he panted.  “Stop teasing me!”  He didn’t know how she could do it.  Due to the bracelets she was teasing herself nearly as much as him.
“You Yanks are always in a rush,” she quipped as they repositioned.  Shane flopped on the floor; his legs felt like mush.  Addison sat with her legs across his stomach.  Her fingertips resumed tickling and taunting him.  “The more I tease you, the more powerful–”
“That’s– yes!”  Shane struggled to a sitting position while Addison giggled.  She watched curiously as he telekinetically pulled his discarded pants to his hand.
“You’re getting dressed?”
“No,” Shane chuckled.  He fished his prism from the front right pocket.  “You want powerful?”  Addison’s eyes widened. 
After a few false starts Shane managed to connect with his crystal.  The device pushed their already heightened awareness of each other even further.  They both shuddered from the intensity.  “Oh… oh god,” Addison breathed.
Shane lay down, clinging to his connection with the glowing prism with everything he had.  Do your worst.
Addison’s libidinous smile matched the ardor rolling off of her.  After one more teasing touch she straddled him.  With a sultry laugh she lowered herself on him inch by agonizing inch.  Shane’s concentration on his prism was tenuous at best, but wholly effective.  Pain/pleasure coursed through them both.  “Can’t wait,” he growled, thrusting up as hard as he could.
Ecstasy burned every nerve ending as sparks exploded across their vision.  For a moment they felt each other perfectly.  Then darkness fell. 
Mom! Dad! Jake’s mental voice sounded far away.  Shane concentrated on it.  His son needed him.
What? he managed, grateful for telepathy.  He couldn’t have spoken even if he’d wanted to.  His body felt leaden and energized simultaneously.  With Addison lying on top of him, Shane sensed that she felt the same way.
Thank god.  You scared me, Jake explained.  Neither of you responded for 10 minutes!
Annoyance rippled from Addison.  Jacob, have you heard of a little thing called privacy?
Lynn loosed the empathic equivalent of a sigh.  You “went to the lab” an hour ago.  Quit screwing around– Jake interrupted with a snicker –and get back to hating each other.
Ashlynn Marie Harris! Addison yelled.  Curiously, she didn’t feel nearly as angry as she sounded.  While I appreciate you and Jake looking out for us, you will show us our due respect! You’re…  She frowned at Shane, puzzled.  What?
Huh? the brats chimed in.
Realizing he was staring at Addison, Shane blinked and looked away.  I don’t know.  Something’s different.  Shane could practically taste the taunt on the tip of Jake’s tongue.  His son wisely kept quiet. 
Shane shook his head, then willed his arms to push himself to a sitting position.  Addison did the same, saying, We’ll finish this later, Ashlynn.
Yes, Mum.
You’ve done your chaperoning duty, Shane told both kids.  We’ll get back to work.  You two get back to class.
We’re in class! Jake countered.
Addison rolled her eyes.  Then get back to paying attention.  Amazingly, they agreed, said goodbye, and withdrew with no further backtalk. 
Addison turned to Shane with her heart in her eyes, then yawned hugely.  “Blimey, I’m knackered,” she murmured. 
Her yawn was contagious, so Shane covered his mouth.  “Me, t–”  He froze, staring at his wrist.
His no longer braceletted wrist.
“Your…”  Shane looked up to find Addison gaping at her own naked wrist.  “Mine’s off, too!”  Laughing giddily they hugged each other. 
“Where’d they go?” Shane wondered aloud.  Then Addison’s amusement coursed through him.
Shane twisted around and followed her gaze.  Two bent copper bands lay on the floor on far side of the kitchen.  He blinked at them, then faced Addison.  “I think we found a design flaw.” 
They burst into laughter simultaneously.

Addison summoned the bracelets to her hand, studying them as she leaned against Shane. She giggled, “I can’t believe that we shagged them to self-destruction.”
He kissed her shoulder. “That’s because you’re so good at it.” She heard and felt the smile in his voice on her normal empathic levels.
You, too. Addison twisted to meet his eyes. Her heart skipped to see the love and happiness there. And bugger all, we have to get back to work, too. Couldn’t we just take the afternoon off?
“Mmm,” Shane murmured, canvassing her back with his hands. “Tempting.”
She leaned in and stole a kiss from her lover, winding her arms around his neck. Let’s play hooky, then. We can say that the bracelets are breaking our concentration. And then… She kissed him again, adding a hint of ardor and a teasing carress. …we can take a nap and see if we can get a repeat performance without the bracelets. Plus, we can postpone having to tell Dr. Frasier and His Lordship how the bracelets were decommissioned.

Although Shane moaned from Addison’s teasing, he was way too tired to follow through.  Hooky and a nap sound wonderful, Shane agreed.  I’ll send DiPhillippo a voice mail that I won’t be back for the rest of the day.  After wiggling out from under Addison, who, giggling, was less then helpful, Shane willed his leaden legs to the videophone in the living room.
Don’t forget to switch video off and route the call through your extension, she said.
From his seat in the armchair Shane shot a wry smile at her along with the empathic equivalent of “Duh.”  Then he chuckled as she unsteadily got to her feet. 
You looked much the same, love, she grinned.
Shane’s smile grew from the new pet name.  Then he deliberately turned his attention to the phone.  After adjusting the settings as Addison had suggested, Shane gathered his alien calm.  There was no other way he’d be able to keep his happiness out of his voice.  “DiPhillippo,” he said, “I’ll be out for the rest of the day.  Forward me any new findings about that mutation.” 
The moment he’d ended the call Shane left the void.  Addison’s love and contentment engulfed him.  Shane slumped back, savoring it and grinning from ear to ear. 
“My turn,” Addison called from the kitchen.  Shane ogled her as she padded to him with a glass of water in hand.  “Here,” she said, handing it to him with a flirtatious smile.  “I don’t want you to be dehydrated when we wake up from our nap.”
Shane accepted the glass, chuckling. “Of course not.”  He downed the cool liquid as Addison left a similar message for her employees.  He nodded toward her bedroom after she ended the call.  “Shall we?”
“Yes,” Addison purred.

They were soon sound asleep in each others’ arms.

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  1. Callum April 6, 2010 at 5:21 am #

    well that was steamy! Nicely written though

    • nancy April 6, 2010 at 12:14 pm #

      w00t! Thanks. :)

  2. Eonknight April 6, 2010 at 10:40 am #

    Sheesh, thanks! And you expect me to concentrate on work after that? :p

    Well done, as always. I suspect the proverbial sh*t is going to hit the fan soon now (I can’t imagine how they’ll keep this charade up for long), and nothing will ever be the same…

    • nancy April 6, 2010 at 12:15 pm #

      You’re welcome. 😉

      Yup. Everything’s different now. The fallout will be spectacular!

  3. daymon April 6, 2010 at 12:52 pm #

    Now that is something, they overloaded the bracelets with to much stimulation. I guess the tech wasn’t ment to be used with the prism at the same time.

    Talk about blowing a fuse.

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