Addison and Shane

Strange Little Band sprang unbidden from the imaginations of Nancy Brauer and Vanessa Brooks. We’d been writing together for a few years, when without warning Shane Myers and Addison Harris demanded to have their stories told. We started emailing scenes back and forth. In less than a year we dreamed up 140,000 words (!), greatly amusing ourselves in the process.

Initially we toyed with the idea of shaping all of those emails into a novel. Then Nancy discovered web fiction. We decided that a webserial would be a great format for SLB. A little WordPress and a lot of copying and pasting later, and the first incarnation of SLB was up and running.

Strange Little Band ran as a serial from May 2009 through August 2010. We gave the serial a thorough edit to create the paperback and eBook versions. Several bonus stories that aren’t in the paperback or eBook are available over here.

Recent sightings

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