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SheVaCon 2011: March 4 – 6, 2011

Nancy will be a guest at SheVaCon 2011, southwestern Virginia’s largest science fiction and fantasy convention. The event will be held in the Sheraton Roanoke Hotel and Conference Center in Roanoke, VA. [link]

We Do Write interview

Dorothy Dreyer was kind enough to include Nancy in her author interview series in December 2010. [link]

Featured on The Galaxy Express

Heather included SLB in her December 2010 science fiction romance news post. [link]

Comma Error podcast

In the September 7, 2010 episode, Tim and Brad geek out over Toronto’s FanExpo, at which Nancy and MCM had a booth. Toward the end of the podcast they discuss Strange Little Band and MCM’s The App. [link]

Sonar 4 podcast interview

The inimitable Lori Titus and Tonia Brown led a rollicking interview in April 2010. There’s more laughing than talking in some parts. :) [link]

Page Readers interview

Nanci Arvizu interviewed Nancy for the Page Readers podcast.

Review: “Looking to the Future of Innovation – In Bed”

Heidi Cautrell, author of the cyberpunk web serial The Deep Underground, wrote, “I think the best thing about this story is that everyone seems so real.” Read the full review.

A series of reviews!

C. Rooney is going above and beyond by reviewing SLB a few chapters at a time. :) Two reviews are up so far. Beware of spoilers!

Review: “Perfectly Twisted Non-Sappy Romance”

“It’s a wonderfully strange serial and I will keep going back for more.” Read the full review.

Review: “Going to hell in a handbasket and loving the ride”

Lyn Thorne-Alder, author of Addergoole, says that SLB “is an engrossing love/hate story set in … a cold-hearted megacorp. The main players, Shane, an alien half-breed, and Addison, a psychic, are themselves both the players and the played…” Read the full review.

Café Wednesday interview

A. M. Harte kindly interviewed Vanessa and me for the September 16, 2009 edition of her Café Wednesday interview series. Thanks for the fun chat!

e-Fiction Book Club gives SLB high marks

The e-Fiction Book Club selected Strange Little Band as the work to read, discuss, and review for Reading Round 4, which ran August 17-23, 2009. On a five-star scale, overall SLB earned five stars in the entertaining category, and four stars in gripping, emotive, and craft. See the Reading Round 4 page for club members’ individual scores.

Five e-Fiction Book Club members took the time to review SLB, for which Vanessa and I are grateful. Their reviews are:

“Studio Virginia” public radio interview

In June 2009 WVTF‘s Gene Marrano interviewed Nancy for “Studio Virginia.” The episode aired August 13, 2009. You can listen to the archived audio file, a 6 MB mp3. The interview begins about 17 minutes into the show.

Flashes in the Dark interview

Lori Titus, the editor of the horror fiction site Flashes in the Dark, asked Nancy about SLB, co-writing, and more.

“Really Great Stories – A Strange Little Band”

On June 5, 2009 Steve Spalding interviewed Nancy for his “Really Great Stories” podcast series. It was a blast! We talked about everything from entrepreneurship to serializing online content to Strange Little Band itself. To read a brief overview or listen to the conversation, see “Really Great Stories – A Strange Little Band.”

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